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Keep the start of spring safe with electrical safety

Mar 20, 2013

PINEVILLE, La. – March can bring windy weather and a desire to clean up lawns, plant flowers and trim trees. Cleco reminds everyone to remain safe around power lines and equipment as they complete outdoor work.

Louisiana One Call is a free service that ensures all underground lines, including power lines, are marked before digging or excavating. Call at least 48 hours before work begins to ensure the area is safe.

Also, check extension cords for fraying and cracks. Replace all broken or frayed cords to ensure against electrical shock. Remember water and electricity do not mix. Keep electrical appliances and tools away from wet areas.

“Spring weather often brings out children who love to fly kites,” said Bunting. “Make sure children fly kites in open areas away from power lines. Electricity can travel down the strings of kites that become tangled in power lines and cause a shock or fire. It also is unsafe for children to climb trees near power lines as they may accidently get too close to or touch the line.”

In addition, Cleco reminds everyone to stay away from power lines that are sagging or on the ground. Assume all power lines are energized and stay away. Call Cleco or 911 to report an unsafe situation with electricity.

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