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Cleco celebrates Electrical Safety Month by announcing a children’s safety DVD

May 16, 2013

PINEVILLE, La. – Hot Spot, Cleco’s electrical safety program for children, is now available on DVD. Hot Spot is a fun-filled, educational demonstration that teaches children how to be safe around electricity. The program is designed for children ages eight through 11.

“May is Electrical Safety Month, and for the past nine years, Cleco employees have recognized this time by traveling with its safety demonstration to area schools to teach electrical safety,” said Robbyn Cooper, Hot Spot coordinator. “We enjoyed presenting our safety message to the students; but, our schedule only allowed for two weeks in early May to present our demonstration. This limited the number of schools we could attend and kept the information just in the school setting.

“Now that the program is on a DVD, more students will be able to see the demonstration and learn valuable lessons regarding electrical safety. Students also will learn electrical terms such as insulator and conductor and how these materials react to electricity,” she said.

The DVD version of Hot Spot uses a game show setting to question students about potential hazards around electricity. The Hot Spot team then uses real-life situations and props such as a fence, tree limb and kite, to show the dangers of being unsafe around electricity. Hot Spot, Cleco’s loveable and friendly dog, is the star of the show and helps the game show announcer teach the students about electrical safety.

“This program has touched the lives of many students, and we are excited about the opportunity our new Hot Spot DVD brings to children statewide,” said Cooper. “This information is not available just to schools. Any group that works with children can request this video. We will send workbooks and other supplies to help reinforce the safety message. We’ve learned over the years that students can sometimes be the best teachers when it comes to electrical safety. They are attentive to the safety messages and pass the information along to family members.”

To receive the electrical safety DVD and other materials, please contact Cleco at 318-484-7400. To learn more about electrical safety like staying clear of sagging power lines and downed lines, go to our safety pages.