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Cleco workers head back to Oklahoma to help restore power

Jun 2, 2013

PINEVILLE, La. - Thirty-three Cleco line mechanics leave today for Oklahoma City after Friday's storm damaged Oklahoma Gas and Electric Company's (OGE) system. Cleco crews leave just seven days after returning from helping OGE rebuild its system in Moore, Okla., after a devastating tornado hit the area.

"The tornado damage in Moore was so extensive, our crews worked on the basics, like replacing poles," said Floyd Pittman, Cleco's mutual assistance coordinator. "We understand Friday's storm did not create the same level of damage, but it was severe and widespread, leaving areas flooded, which could slow restoration efforts. However, our crews are leaving with a purpose - to help restore the area's power as quickly and as safely as possible."

Cleco sent 34 workers on May 21 to assist OGE restore power one day after an EF5 tornado hit Moore. The tornado killed 24 and demolished the utility's electric system. The storm Friday, May 31 brought torrential rains, hail, flooding, and multiple tornadoes, killing at least nine people.

"Our hearts go out to the people in Oklahoma, and our crews are ready to lend a hand," said Pittman. "Our friends at OGE and their customers have been through a lot. Our crews are determined to do whatever it takes to help the Oklahoma City area after this storm disrupted their lives."

Cleco is a member of the Southeastern Electric Exchange's mutual assistance program where member utilities offer power restoration assistance after major weather events.