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Cleco publishes first sustainability report

Nov 8, 2013

Commits to providing economic, environmental and social sustainability

Pineville, La. - Cleco Corporation (NYSE: CNL), an energy services company based in Louisiana, today released its first sustainability report demonstrating achievements in economic, environmental and social sustainability.

"As our industry changes, it is important for Cleco to maintain its focus on providing reliable, affordable power while keeping our commitment to our shareholders, customers, communities and employees to responsibly produce and deliver electricity," said Bruce Williamson, president and CEO of Cleco Corporation. "With this first report, we hope to set a benchmark of efforts and further develop the steps we are taking to make our company stronger and more sustainable."

The report provides the previous year's key achievements that attest to the company's commitment to a sustainable future, including:

  • Cleco received the Edison Electric Institute Index award for the highest total shareholder return in our market capitalization category. 

  • Cleco completed the Acadiana Load Pocket (ALP) project in 2012 along with two other utility companies. This project consisted of adding 90 miles of newly-constructed transmission line, two new substations and upgrades to two existing substations. The ALP project had a total cost of about $200 million and is alleviating transmission congestion in a fast-growing part of Louisiana. 

  • Cleco and the University of Louisiana at Lafayette (ULL) are building an Alternative Energy Center in Crowley with the help of a $1 million stimulus grant from the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources' Empower Louisiana Renewable Energy Grant Program. In partnership, Cleco and ULL will research the effectiveness of fuel generation from regional biomass.    

  • Cleco is investing in its existing generation fleet to improve environmental performance to achieve a cleaner more environmentally friendly power generation.  

  • Cleco's employee retention rate over the past five years has been 4.6 percent compared to the industry average, which is 5.7 percent. 

  • Cleco's companywide emphasis on safe operations at every level has produced an enviable safety record with fewer injuries and no fatalities in 2012. Cleco achieved a 33 percent reduction in personal injuries and a 48 percent reduction in avoidable vehicle accidents compared to 2011.  

Cleco has been practicing sustainable business operations for nearly eight decades and remains committed to the betterment of our local communities, the protection of our natural resources and the commitment to economic stewardship.