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State regulators grant final approval for Cleco's MISO membership

Nov 18, 2013

PINEVILLE, La.- The Louisiana Public Service Commission (LPSC) approved the implementation details necessary for Cleco Power LLC to join the Midcontinent Independent System Operator, Inc. (MISO). This is the second and final regulatory approval required for Cleco Power, Cleco Corporation's (NYSE: CNL) regulated utility, to join the regional transmission organization.

 "We are pleased to complete the regulatory process to join MISO," said Darren Olagues, president of Cleco Power. "We now have approval on how we account for MISO-related transmission and market charges that are part of being a member of a regional transmission organization. Our attention to a December integration continues as we methodically move through the processes of fine tuning systems and training staff."

In June, the LPSC approved Cleco Power's request for a change of control of its high-voltage transmission system to MISO, the first of two state regulatory approvals required for MISO membership. Cleco Power also began operational activities in June when MISO became its reliability coordinator.

Cleco Power received the final approval during the LSPC's monthly Business and Executive session held last week.