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Cleco offers new energy efficiency programs

Nov 18, 2014

PINEVILLE, LA – Cleco is now offering energy efficiency programs to help participating commercial and residential customers reduce energy consumption.

“When customers control their energy use, they control the amount of money they spend on monthly bills,” said Darren Olagues, president of Cleco Power. “Our new energy efficiency programs will offer rebates to help offset customers’ expenses for energy upgrades in their businesses and homes. These upgrades can result in greater energy efficiency, helping customers to better manage their electricity use.”

For residential customers, rebates are available for high-efficiency air conditioning, heat pumps, attic insulation, duct sealing and air infiltration sealing. To determine needed improvements, customers can request that an energy consultant conduct a home assessment to receive energy improvement recommendations.

For commercial customers, rebates are available for high-efficiency lighting retrofits, lighting controls, air conditioning/cooling systems, refrigeration equipment retrofits and other custom-type retrofits. Programs are available to small business customers as well as industrial customers.

Program-approved contractors will perform all assessments and needed upgrades.

For more information about Cleco’s energy efficiency programs, call the toll-free number (877) 662-4047 or visit the Cleco website at