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‘Tis the season to be safe

Nov 25, 2014

PINEVILLE, La. – Seasonal lights help make this time of year special. As customers decorate for the holidays, Cleco reminds them to follow a few basic tips that will help keep this festive time fun and safe.

“Holiday lights and decorations bring smiles and warm feelings,” said Shirley Turner, general manager of customer experience management. “They also bring the need to follow a few simple safety practices for indoor and outdoor decorating.”

Check for overhead power lines before stringing lights outdoors, and use caution when setting up ladders. Protect electrical connections from rain and dampness by wrapping with electrical tape and keep connections off of the ground.

“Remember lights that worked safely last year may have deteriorated so check cords for frayed wiring or wiring pulled from the socket,” said Turner. “It also is important to use lights for their intended purpose. Lights are rated for outdoor and indoor use.

“As customers decorate indoors, they should be sure that all light sockets have bulbs, and to unplug light strings when replacing bulbs and fuses,” added Turner. “Also, never run extension cords under rugs and use protective safety caps to cover unused wall outlets.”

Cleco recommends using LED lights to replace older light strands. LED bulbs can use up to 90 percent less energy and are longer lasting than traditional bulbs.

To learn more ways to be safe around electricity, log onto