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Cleco offers free online educational resource

Feb 10, 2015

Program meets state’s educational standards

PINEVILLE, La. – Cleco is offering a free online learning resource for students, teachers and parents. E-SMARTkids offers interactive educational games and teaching tools that help students learn the principles of electricity, electrical safety and energy conservation. The program also complies with Louisiana educational standards for Health Education and Science.

“The website is a one-stop educational hub that is easy to use and very informative,” said Robbyn Cooper, manager of Investor and Public Relations. “Students will learn how electricity is generated and how it travels to homes and businesses. This new site is a fun way to increase electricity education and awareness.”

Teachers can access tips, worksheets and answer keys, and activities and experiments through the site. It also provides video resources for students in third through seventh grades to help keep students engaged as they learn.

“Teachers have access to standards-based learning curriculum materials through downloadable instructional guides,” said Cooper. “The site is a supplemental resource that can help teachers meet state standards and keep learning fun.”

The site also provides home inspection checklists for energy savings and electrical safety. Parents can learn how to conserve energy in the home and determine if they are using electricity safely.

To access the E-SMARTkids site, visit Cleco's Kid's Safety Programs