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Cleco reminds everyone to be safe this spring

Mar 23, 2015

PINEVILLE, La. – Spring is in the air, and this means perf ect weather for flying kites, planting trees and starting outdoor projects. Whether you are working or playing outside, Cleco reminds everyone to be aware of overhead and underground power lines this spring.

“As the days become warmer and people begin spending more time outside, we want to remind customers about the dangers of exposed and buried power lines,” said Mike Joseph, Cleco’s risk manager. “Always avoid flying kites around power lines to prevent them from becoming tangled in overhead lines. When trimming trees or climbing ladders, be sure and stay clear of overhead power lines.”

Cleco urges customers to be aware of underground electric power lines. Customers should call Louisiana One Call at 811 at least two days before doing work that requires digging.

“Louisiana One Call is a free service that will identify buried electric power lines and gas pipelines,” said Joseph. “Making the call can help protect you from a dangerous situation and eliminate a potential service interruption. In addition to being aware of the location of overhead and underground power lines, make sure that all of your electric equipment is working safely and is properly maintained before using.”

Customers should check cords on electric tools and equipment for fraying. Always use electric equipment in dry places to prevent electrical shock caused from water.

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