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Cleco launches new program to recycle refrigerators and freezers

Jun 4, 2016

New energy-saving program pays customers to recycle outdated units

PINEVILLE, La. — Cleco’s new energy-saving program pays customers $50 to have outdated, working refrigerators and freezers picked up at their homes and hauled away to be recycled.

“Many households have an additional refrigerator or freezer outside of the home to store food and drinks,” said Robbyn Cooper, manager of Investor and Public Relations at Cleco. “Many of these units are older and can require as much as three times more energy to operate than newer, more efficient models. Disposing of these inefficient units can result in savings up to $150 a year for customers participating in Cleco’s new program.”

Refrigerators or freezers must be clean, empty and defrosted to be recycled through Cleco’s program. They also must be in working order and have a volume of 10-to-30 cubic feet, which is the standard size for most units.

Customers will receive a $50 check within four-to-six weeks after the unit is hauled away. The program accepts a maximum of two units per household a year.

“This program offers customers a convenient and responsible way to dispose of inefficient units that add to the cost of their electric bills,” Cooper said. “Using energy wisely helps manage the monthly cost of electricity. These savings added to the $50 incentive create an attractive option for customers.”

Cleco has contracted with JACO Environmental (JACO) to pick up the refrigerators and freezers. JACO responsibly recycles the refrigerators and freezers and safely removes hazardous materials from the old energy-guzzling units. The company also reclaims 95 percent of materials to manufacture new products. 

Click here to learn more about the energy efficiency program or call 1-877-662-4047.