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Cleco offers outdoor and indoor safety tips

Oct 7, 2017

Pineville, La. – As Hurricane Nate nears Louisiana, Cleco customers in St. Tammany Parish face the threat of weather-related power outages and potentially dangerous situations involving electricity.  Cleco reminds customers to exercise caution both inside and outside.   

“First and foremost, we encourage Cleco customers to report a power outage or a dangerous situation involving electricity to 1-800-622-6537,” said James Lass, general manager of distribution operations and emergency management. 

Additionally, Cleco offers the following safety tips:

  • Stay clear of fallen trees or debris where downed power lines may be hidden.
  • Stay away from areas where Cleco crews are working.
  • Stay away from downed lines.  Do not attempt to move limbs or anything else touching a power line.

In addition to outdoor safety tips, Cleco reminds customers about indoor safety.

“More and more Cleco customers are purchasing portable generators to keep appliances running during power outages,” said Lass.  “However, if used improperly, generators can be dangerous and even deadly.”

Cleco suggests its customers follow the following safety tips when using a portable generator:

  • Read and follow the manufacturers’ instructions.
  • Appliances should be plugged directly into portable generators with grounded extension cords that can handle the load.
  • Do not plug a portable generator into a wall outlet.

For more safety tips, visit or  For up-to-the-minute outage updates, go online to