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Cleco shares tips for a safe and energy efficient holiday

Dec 1, 2017

Pineville, La. – ‘Tis the season for family, friends, holiday cheer and festive lights. With holiday excitement in the air, many people tend to overlook simple decorating tips that not only keep them safe but also help them save money. 

Cleco shares the following tips for a safe and energy efficient holiday:

Use lights only for their intended purposes. Lights labeled for outdoor use should only be used outdoors and lights labeled for indoor use should only be used indoors. The labels refer to the different conditions under which the lights are manufactured to operate safely. Using lights for their intended purpose reduces the possibility of electric shock, fire and other risks.

  • Avoid placing electrical cords under rugs to prevent wires from overheating and save people from tripping. Instead, run cords securely along walls.
  • When putting up outdoor lights, avoid power lines to prevent electric shock and power outages.
  • Replace older lights with fiber optic displays or LED lights. LED lights use 80-to-90 percent less energy than traditional lights.
  • Put lights on a timer to get peace of mind and save energy. Using a timer will ensure lights are not accidentally left on all night and eliminates the hassle of remembering to turn lights on/off.

“Following these tips can help you save energy and keep you and your family safe this holiday season,” said John Melancon, Cleco general manager of corporate safety. “Cleco wishes everyone a safe and happy holiday season.” 

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