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Cleco employee recognized by LifeShare for 31 years of donations

Apr 20, 2018

PINEVILLE, La.  – Today, Louis Guidry, Cleco’s North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) compliance and training manager, was recognized by LifeShare Blood Center for donating blood or platelets twice a month since 1987, giving a total of 72 gallons of blood.

“There is always a need for blood,” said Jackie Morse, apheresis supervisor at LifeShare Blood Center in Alexandria, La.  “Louis has been consistent with his commitment to LifeShare and his community by not only donating blood and platelets, but also his personal time recruiting for us and volunteering in any way he can.  LifeShare really needs more people like Louis.”

According to an annual report from LifeShare Blood Center, Louis is the top donor in the Central Louisiana region which is comprised of 17 parishes.  Louis’ contributions have saved over 1,100 lives to date.

“Cleco recognizes providing blood and blood components for patients in need as a shared community responsibility,” said Julia Callis, Cleco chief compliance officer and general counsel.  “We are proud of Louis for his commitment to LifeShare and continuously helping those in need.”

Cleco has partnered with LifeShare Blood Center since the 1980s by regularly scheduling blood drives across Cleco offices.  In 2018, the company began offering a group benefit plan through LifeShare Blood Center that reimburses donors with up to $500 for processing fees of blood and blood components transfused at any U.S. hospital.  This coverage is extended to all employees, spouses and tax dependents when LifeShare collects 480 donations or more from Cleco within a 12-month period, even if the individual person did not donate.

“Thank you to Louis and all of Cleco’s employees who support LifeShare,” said Callis.  “They are making a difference and saving lives.”