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Cleco to propose plan to serve the utility needs of LUS customers

Oct 6, 2018

PINEVILLE, La. – Today, Cleco Power announced its interest in partnering with the City of Lafayette to serve the needs of Lafayette Utilities System (LUS) customers.   

“LUS has built a strong, reliable utility system that has served the citizens of Lafayette well, and as the City begins a review of options for the utility, Cleco is interested in being part of that discussion,” said Bill Fontenot, Cleco president and CEO.  “Cleco has a longstanding relationship with LUS which includes joint ownership of Rodemacher Power Plant, as well as partnerships in transmission projects that have supported and strengthened power reliability in the Acadiana area.”

Cleco is a safe, reliable power provider with a strong track record as an economic development and community partner. Most recently, Cleco set up a $7 million fund to provide infrastructure improvements and other incentives to attract economic development projects across its service territory, as well as a $6 million charitable giving commitment.

“The Lafayette area is poised for continued growth, and Cleco can be a catalyst for that growth through our economic development and charitable giving efforts,” said Fontenot.  “Our experience operating a statewide utility and our culture of working closely with the communities we serve would create the environment for an increasingly beneficial partnership for the City of Lafayette and just as important, satisfying customers.” 

Cleco is a Louisiana-operated company with its headquarters and management team located in Pineville, approximately one hour north of Lafayette, and has been serving the citizens of Louisiana for over 85 years. 

“Cleco’s experience, customer focus and community partnerships make us uniquely qualified to partner with the City of Lafayette,” said Fontenot.  “Additionally, we have the financial backing of the world’s largest infrastructure asset manager, Macquarie, giving the company the finances and resources needed to operate, maintain and strengthen Lafayette’s existing utility systems.

“We look forward to working alongside Mayor-President Robideaux and the City-Parish Council to develop and propose a plan that serves the best interest of the citizens of Lafayette,” said Fontenot.