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Cleco shares energy savings tips with seniors

Sep 17, 2019

PINEVILLE, La. – Today, Cleco customers at the St. Mary Parish Council on Aging and Patterson Senior Center learned how to make their homes more energy efficient through Cleco’s energy efficiency program, Power Wise.

“The seniors who attended the presentation were able to sign up for Cleco’s weatherization service, which is similar to an energy audit,” said Hammad Chaudhry, manager of Cleco’s Power Wise program.  “We assess how customers use energy in their home and recommend more cost-effective energy conservation measures.”

"This is a great service Cleco is providing,” said Patty Blanco, site coordinator for the St. Mary Parish Council on Aging.  “A lot of our seniors are on fixed incomes, and they need this type of information because it can help decrease their energy usage.”

Power Wise is a comprehensive program that helps Cleco customers make their homes and businesses more energy efficient.  The program has an online store called Power Wise Marketplace where customers can purchase energy efficient products directly and receive instant rebates.

Learn more about the energy efficiency program