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Cleco presents electrical safety program “Hot Spot” to over 400 students in St. Mary Parish

Oct 2, 2019

PINEVILLE, La. – Today, Cleco presented its electrical safety program, Hot Spot, to over 400 elementary students in St. Mary Parish. 

Students from elementary schools on the west end of the parish, including Foster, Raintree and LaGrange gathered in the auditorium at Franklin Sr. High School, and students from elementary schools on the east end of the parish, including Bayou Vista, Maitland and Watts gathered in the auditorium at Morgan City Jr. High School to learn how to stay safe around electricity.

During the presentation, Hot Spot and a team of specially trained Cleco employees simulated what could happen if kids or objects they are touching come into contact with a power line carrying 7,620 volts of electricity.  Students learned to identify dangerous situations or “hot spots.” 

“The sparking and electrical arcing during the demonstration give the students a clear picture of what can occur when a person comes into contact with something touching an energized power line,” said John Melancon, general manager of corporate safety.  “Any time electricity comes into direct contact with you or something you are touching, Cleco calls it a ‘hot spot,’ and we want to make kids as well as adults aware of these potential hazards.”

At the end of the presentation, Cleco’s mascot for the program, Hot Spot, a fun-loving dog, made an appearance and created a stir of excitement among the students.  The students also got to hear the program’s rap song “These are Hot Spots. Don’t Touch them,” which reinforces electrical safety.

Cleco’s electrical safety program is most effective with children around the ages of 10 or 11, which is primarily students in third- and fourth- grade.

For schools unable to participate in the live program, Cleco offers a DVD of the Hot Spot presentation, along with activity books.  Please contact Cleco’s corporate communications department at [email protected] or 318.484.7400 for more information.