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Cleco reminds customers to beware of ‘phantom’ power'

Oct 30, 2019

PINEVILLE, La. – As customers prepare to celebrate Halloween with trick-or-treating, scary movies and haunted houses, Cleco reminds them to beware of the “phantom” power that may be creeping throughout their homes and businesses.

Phantom power is a term used to describe electricity used by appliances and electronics that are left plugged in when they are turned off or not being used.  These items, on average, drain electricity 24/7 and account for over $100 of a home’s energy bill each year.  Examples are cell phone chargers, power tools, televisions, toasters, coffee makers, computers, printers and game consoles.

“We often forget about phantom power, but the average home or business has several appliances and electronics using energy when they are left plugged in, even though they may be turned off,” said Hammad Chaudhry, Cleco energy efficiency manager. “This is a reminder to unplug them when they are not being used.”

Cleco encourages customers not to fear the “phantom” and use the following tips to conserve energy:

  • Unplug appliances and electronics you are not using, even when they are turned off.
  • Use a power strip to avoid plugging and unplugging cords multiple times. All devices plugged into the power strip can be turned off with the press of a button.
  • Use a smart-strip surge protector which senses when electronic devices are not in use and automatically powers them down. Customers can purchase smart-strip surge protectors at a discount directly from Cleco’s online store called the Power Wise Marketplace at or call 1-833-373-6842.

For more conservation and energy efficiency tips and an assessment of the areas of your home that are using the most energy, learn more about the energy efficiency program.