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Cleco provides more restoration estimates for St. Tammany and Washington parishes

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Sep 4, 2021

PINEVILLE, La. – Sept. 4, 2021 (5 p.m.) – As of 5 p.m., Cleco crews have restored power to 74 percent of customers in St. Tammany Parish and 47 percent of customers in Washington Parish. 

Restoration Estimates
Below are estimated times for restoration (ETR).  Additional ETRs will be shared, as they become available.  Please note that unexpected damage or inclement weather could impact restoration efforts and timelines. 

Washington Parish
ETR is Saturday, Sept. 4 for the following:


  • Hwy. 25 (Hwy. 38 South) Main Line Only
  • Hwy. 38 (Wesley Alford Rd. to Hwy. 25) Main Line Only
  • Hwy. 25 (From Victory Dr. North)

St. Tammany Parish

ETR is Saturday, Sept. 4 for the following:

Abita Springs

  • Hwy. 36 (Davis Cemetery Rd. to near Abita Brewery)
  • North St.
  • Lambert St.
  • Level St (Maple St. to Talisheek Rd.)
  • Laurel St.
  • Main St.
  • Magnolia St.
  • Railroad Ave.
  • Holly St.



  • W. 21st (Anthony to Menetre Dr.)
  • Menetre Dr. (W. 21st to W 15th Ave.)
  • W. 15th Ave. (Menetre to Willow Dr.)
  • Willow Dr. (W. 15th Ave to Karen Dr.) Main Line only
  • Hwy. 190 (Willow Dr. to W. 21 Ave.) Main Line only
  • Jahncke (21st to Rutland)
  • 21st (Jahncke to Vermont)
  • N. Collins Blvd. (E. Clark St. to W 30th Ave.)
  • W. 30th Ave. (N Collins Blvd. to N. Florida St.)
  • N. Florida St. (W 30th Ave. to Kirkland St.)
  • Jackson St. (27th Ave. to 29th Ave.)
  • Tyler St. (Dutch Aly to 29th Ave.)
  • 28th Ave. (Tyler St. to Polk St.)
  • S. Madison St. (18th Ave. to 19th Ave.)
  • S. Jefferson Ave. (W 19th Ave. to W 20th Ave.)
  • 19th Ave. (S. Jefferson Ave. to S. VanBuren St.)
  • Fairway Dr.
  • Willow Dr.
  • Dogwood Dr.
  • Magnolia Dr.
  • Pine Dr. (South of Fairway)
  • Oak Dr. (Part)
  • Golfers Dr. (Part)
  • Sandy Lake Rd.
  • Lakewood Northshore Subdivision
  • Sunshine Ave., Ellis Rd.
  • Donahue PL.
  • Hwy. 1077 (Railroad Ave. to Hwy. 190)
  • Hwy. 190 (Hwy. 1077 to Louisiana Ave.)
  • Railroad Ave. (Hwy. 1077 to Goslee Rd.)
  • Turnberry Dr.
  • Rutherford Dr.
  • Woodvine Ct.
  • Courtney Ct.
  • Magnolia Ln.
  • Belle Terre Blvd. (Part)
  • Downing Dr. (Part)



  • Villere St. (Rapatel to Atalin St.)
  • Louvois St.
  • McNamara St.
  • Mcdonald St. (McNamara St. to America St.)
  • Rue Blanche
  • Hwy. 190 (24th St. to 18th St.) Main Line only
  • Main St. (East of Hwy. 190)
  • Sanders St.


  • Riverwalk Dr.
  • Salty's Marina
  • Tchefuncte Harbor Townhomes



  • Dupard St. (Coffee to Gerard St)
  • Coffee St. (Focher to Dupard)
  • Focher St.
  • Webster St.
  • Lamarque St. at Claiborne St.
  • Claibirne St. at Gerard St.
  • Madison St. at Gerard St.
  • Monroe St. at Gerard St.
  • Claiborne St. at Lafitte St.
  • Colbert St. (north of Hwy. 190)
  • Carmel Dr., Greenfielld Dr.
  • Monterey Dr.
  • Kingfisher Dr.
  • Marigny Trace Subdivision
  • Jackson Ave. (Lakeshore to Monroe)
  • Atalin St. (Madison to Montgomery)
  • Albert St. (Monroe to Villere St.)
  • Livingston (Jackson Ave. to Colbert St.)
  • Bayou Dr.
  • Ridgewood Loop (Part)
  • Live Oak Dr. (Part)
  • Sandra Lee Dr. (Part)
  • Heavens Dr.
  • Beau Chen
  • Penns Chapel Park
  • Lovers Ln. (Brookside Dr. North)
  • Elmwood Pl.
  • Park Dr. (Brookside to Forest Dr.)
  • Forest Dr. (West part)



  • Power restored to the front section of Huntwyck Village subdivision.The back section will have power by tomorrow, Sunday, Sept. 5.


Power Restoration as of 5 p.m.  


Customers with Power

Customers Served

Percent of Customers with Power

St. Tammany