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Cleco provides additional restoration estimates for St. Tammany and Washington parishes

Buras Ranch Rd_Covington
Sep 5, 2021

PINEVILLE, La. – Sept. 5, 2021 (2:30 p.m.) – As of 2:30 p.m., Cleco crews have restored power to 81 percent of customers in St. Tammany Parish and 50 percent of customers in Washington Parish affected by Hurricane Ida. 

Safety Reminders:

  • Customers should stay 10 feet away from power lines when clearing debris from their yards.
  • If customers or contractors are clearing trees or debris from their property, please remember to stay away from all power lines whether they are down or in the air.
  • Please do not place debris on top of or underneath power lines. It is very dangerous and can prolong the restoration process.
  • When trimming trees, make sure limbs do not come in contact with power lines or other Cleco equipment.

Customer Service Offices

All Cleco customers service offices will be open on Tuesday, Sept. 7.

Restoration Estimates
Below are estimated times for restoration (ETR).  Additional ETRs will be shared, as they become available.  Please note that unexpected damage or inclement weather could impact restoration efforts and timelines. 

Washington Parish
ETR is today, Sunday, Sept. 5 for the following:

  • Chess Jones Rd. (Harrison St. to E. Fairgrounds Rd.)

St. Tammany Parish

Pearl River

  • Power has been restored to most customers. Crews are waiting for water to recede in certain areas before restoration efforts can continue.


    ETR is today, Sunday, Sept. 5 for the following:


  • Chamale Cove


  • Harrison (Honeysuckle Dr. to Hwy. 59)
  • Arrowwood Subdivision (Part)
  • Hwy 59. (Harrison to Pearl St.)
  • Pearl St. (Poitevent to Hwy. 59)
  • Poitevent (Pearl to Hwy. 36)


  • Tyler St. (29th Ave. to 32nd Ave.)
  • Columbus St. (Jefferson Ave. to 32nd Ave.)
  • 32 Ave. (Columbia St. to Florida St.)
  • Florida St. (32 Ave. to 33rd Ave.)
  • Tyler St. (15th Ave. to 22nd Ave.)
  • 21st Ave. (Taylor St. to Madison St.)
  • VanBuren St. (Part)
  • 19th Ave. (Part)
  • 14th Ave. (Jefferson Ave. to Jahncke Ave.)
  • Jahncke Ave. (14th Ave. and 12th Ave.)
  • 12th Ave. (east of Jahncke)
  • River Forest Subdivision
  • Pine View Middle School
  • Covington Public Works
  • Collins Blvd. (Willow to Redwood Dr.)
  • Columbia St. (Poole Dr. to Polk St.)
  • Polders Ln.
  • Mossy St.
  • Champagne St. (to STSP Jail)
  • Groves at Mile Branch Apartments
  • 33rd Ave. (Columbia St. to Collins Blvd.)
  • Florida St. (North of 33rd Ave.)
  • Martin Luther King Dr.
  • Ozone Park Dr.
  • Covington Point Subdivision (St. Thomas Way to Gilmore Cir.)
  • 5th Ave. (east to Filmore St.)
  • Filmore St. (15th Ave. to 11th Ave.)
  • 11th Ave. (Filmore St. to Cleveland St.)
  • Cleveland (11th south)
  • Hwy. 190 (Hwy. 1077 to Gottschaulk Rd.)
  • Preston Vineyards
  • Fairway Dr.
  • Bertel Dr.
  • River Parc.
  • Oak River Estates


  • Villere St. (Atalain St. to Rapatel St.)
  • Montgomery (Dupre St. to Rapatel St.)
  • Issac Rd. (From Fish Hatchery north)
  • Prosper Dr.
  • Glenwood Acres
  • Hwy 434 (Hwy. 190 to Big 7 Rd.)
  • Magnolia Dr.
  • Yaupon Trl.
  • Holly Dr.
  • Oak Mill
  • Cypress Park
  • E. Spruce Ln.
  • Key Dr.
  • W. Spruce Ln.
  • Bird World Rd.
  • Marc Dr. (Vicinity)
  • Sherwood Dr.
  • Butler Rd.
  • Pontchartrain Dr. (Hwy. 190 to Cloverland Rd.)
  • Jackson (East to Thompson St.)
  • Spruce St.
  • Sycamore St.
  • Elm St.
  • Chestnut St.
  • Beech St.
  • Birch St.
  • S. Mimosa St.
  • N. Mimosa St.
  • Cloverland St. East to 28th St.


  • Hwy. 22 (Highline Rd. to Belle Point Dr.)
  • Pontchartrain Oaks
  • Coquille
  • Autumn Creek
  • Pine Creek Acres
  • Lancaster Elementary
  • Belle Pointe
  • Pine Oaks
  • Madison Ridge Estates
  • Old Ponchatoula Hwy.


  • Hickory Dr.
  • Bon Teps Roule
  • Rebecca Ln.
  • Wilkinson St.
  • Aurora St.
  • Tanglewood (except Elmwood St.)
  • Golden Shores (Part)
  • Avenue D
  • Livingston St.
  • Avenue C
  • Villere St.
  • Avenue B
  • Montgomery
  • Avenue A
  • Lambert St
  • Mariners Island
  • Tops'l Condos
  • Sandra Dl Mac Dr.
  • St Croix
  • Cayman Ct.
  • St Jean Deluz Ave.
  • Mariners Blvd.
  • Antibes St.
  • Monroe St. (Lambert St. to Lafayette St.)
  • Wilkinson St. (Villere St. to Lakeshore Dr.)
  • Lakeshore Dr. (West End to Carroll St.)
  • Massena (South of Monroe St.)
  • Hermitage on the lake
  • Maple St.
  • America St. (Coffee St. to Gerard St.)
  • Carroll St. (America St. to McNamara St.)
  • Lafite St. (Caroline St. to America St.)
  • Adair St. (Monroe St. to Hwy. 190)
  • Reine St.
  • Albert St.
  • Prieto St.
  • Atalin St. (Madison south)
  • Woodlawn lane

Power Restoration as of 2:30 p.m.  


Customers with Power

Customers Served

Percent of Customers with Power

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