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Cleco closely monitoring Tropical Storm Nicholas

Sep 14, 2021

Customers should be prepared for heavy rainfall

Pineville, La., Sept. 14, 2021 – Cleco is closely monitoring Tropical Storm Nicholas which is predicted to bring heavy rain across Louisiana today and tomorrow.

“According to weather experts, the greatest threat from Tropical Storm Nicholas is flooding, so we encourage our customers to take the necessary precautions to keep themselves and their families safe,” said Clint Robichaux, manager of distribution operations support.

Storm Safety Tips:

  • In the event of flooding, remember to never walk, swim or drive through water.If you come upon flood waters, stop, turn around and go another way.
  • If water is rising, turn off electricity at the main breaker, evacuate and stay away until water has completely receded. Have an electrician check the home or building's wiring before using electricity.
  • Stay clear of fallen trees or debris where downed power lines may be hidden.
  • Stay away from downed lines.Assume all downed power lines are live and stay away.Do not attempt to move limbs or anything else touching a power line.
  • Report power outages and dangerous situations involving electricity to Cleco by calling 1-800-622-6537.