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Cleco celebrates Power Plant Employee Appreciation Day

Feb 14, 2024

Recognizing the workers who power the grid

To honor the men and women who power Louisiana’s homes, businesses and essential services, Cleco will celebrate Power Plant Employee Appreciation Day.

“Our power plant employees are a critical link in the long chain of industry workers that produce and deliver electricity to our customers,” said Robert Breedlove, chief operations officer at Cleco. “At Cleco, we want to recognize and celebrate our employees’ knowledge, skills and experience, as well as the commitment they show every day and night on the job. Furthermore, we are proud that our power plant employees are a key part of the Louisiana workforce. They and their families live here and work here in our state and take pride in their jobs providing an essential service to our communities. And so, we take time to say, ‘Thank you’ for a job well-done.”

Cleco’s 500 power plant employees are responsible for keeping the company’s 23 Louisiana generating assets running safely and efficiently. It takes a wide range of employees to run the plants including control room operators, technicians, mechanics, material handlers and safety professionals, to name a few.

“These men and women spend as much time at the plants as they do at home with their families to keep the lights on for our 300,000 customers,” said George Broussard, director of Cleco’s southern gas fleet. “They are responsible for generating safe, reliable and increasingly clean power for our customers around-the-clock and we thank them.