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Cleco celebrates record year in safety performance

Feb 19, 2024

Cleco is celebrating a record year in safety for 2023 as the leader across the board in safety performance reports for the Southeastern Electric Exchange (SEE), a non-profit, non-political trade association of investor-owned electric utility companies founded in 1933.

In 2023, Cleco ranked number one in the Southeast Electric Exchange’s (SEE) Safety Performance Report in the following categories: Year-end Total Company, Year-end Transmission and Distribution Personnel, Year-end Fossil and Hydro Generation Personnel, and Year-end Support and Corporate Personnel. Cleco submits data quarterly to SEE each year and is compared to 15 other companies nationwide.

Cleco had one OSHA-recordable injury for the entire year, which was non-life threatening.

“Safety is a core value at Cleco and this is the best safety record the company has ever had in its more than 85-year history,” said Maile Murray, director of environmental, health and safety at Cleco. “When you look at these results, it is evident that it took every single person in the company to stay focused and disciplined on a daily basis.”

Bill Fontenot, president and CEO of Cleco Corporate Holdings LLC, said the focus on a culture of safety is part of the company’s mission to be world-class.

“It takes everyone to get to where we are today with safety,” said Fontenot. “Being world-class is not achieved in one year, it’s a multi-year journey that continues.”

Following Cleco in the first quartile of the Year-end Total Company Safety Performance Report for 2023 were Florida Power & Light, Duke Energy and Entergy.