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DeRidder customers learn how Cleco’s energy efficiency program and EV charger incentives can help them save

Mar 21, 2024

On Tuesday, Cleco partnered with the Greater Beauregard Chamber of Commerce to host an afternoon Lunch and Learn for business customers and an evening Energy Solutions Seminar for residential customers at the War Memorial Civic Center in DeRidder. “Our DeRidder customers learned how to become more energy efficient and save on their monthly bills,” said Sabrina Salling, Cleco governmental services representative IV.

Power Wise, Cleco’s energy efficiency program, helps customers save energy and money at their home or business.  Through Power Wise, customers have access to an on-site residential weatherization assessment, online home energy audit, appliance and device rebates and, an online energy efficiency store with instant rebates on LED bulbs, smart thermostats and more.“Cleco's Power Wise program empowers our community by offering services customers can utilize to save on their energy bills,” said Lisa Adams, executive director of the Greater Beauregard Chamber of Commerce.  “Our partnership with Cleco is crucial in allowing us to connect with our citizens and foster growth within our community.”“Our team also shared the benefits of electric vehicle (EV) ownership and promoted the EV charger rebates offered by Cleco,” said Salling.Rebates are available to those who purchase and install qualified EV charging stations and electric forklift equipment.  Residential customers can receive a $250 rebate after purchasing and installing a Level 2 charger.  Commercial customers can receive a rebate ranging from $1,000 to $3,500 after purchasing and installing Level 2 and DC fast chargers for public, workplace and fleet use.  A $500 rebate is also available for electric forklift equipment.Cleco brought its electric vehicles, so customers could examine them up close and take a test drive.  Benoit Motors supported both events by bringing their Jeep Grand Cherokee plugin-hybrid EV.“Both events were well attended, thanks to our valuable partnerships with the Greater Beauregard Chamber of Commerce and the mayor’s office,” said Salling.  “Working together on events like this keeps us connected to the communities we serve.”